Super friendly and genuine staff. VERY professional and knowledgeable. I came here on a whim since I don’t have a dentist in Laramie and I’m so glad I did!

It’s awesome that they offer reduced prices on dental products, I was able to buy a super cheap electric toothbrush from them after my appointment.

I’m recommending them to all my friends, too since they accepted my insurance and we’re we’r to schedule me on such short notice.

Julia D.

Dr. Choal and her team are just plain awesome and caring, great experience. I can say they gave me back my smile (not like they took it).

– Alex L.

With the addition of Dr Choal visits are really fun and no Christmas elf can compete with Joanne!!! Great office.

– Larry M.

I love this place! They do awesome work!

– Hannalyn S.

Hygienist was very efficient and friendly. Dr. Choal was thorough and identified several problem areas to watch but did not recommend immediate procedures. Overall, Laramie River Dental is a very pleasant office. Will continue going there.

– Ross H.

Enjoyed my bi-annual cleaning at Laramie River Dental. Dr. Choal is very nice and professional.

– Cheryl H.