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Dentures & Cosmetic Restorations

Dental Restorations in Laramie - Rebuilding Your Smile 
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The health and beauty of your smile are important. Kyle Clark, DDS uses dental prostheses that serve both needs. Clark Family Dental provides patients in and near Laramie with dentures and cosmetic restorations.


Dentures are the traditional method of replacing multiple missing teeth. We provide both partial and full dentures to restore full function and beauty to the smile.

Partial dentures replace a significant portion of an arch of teeth. These restorations clasp around remaining teeth to hold itself in place. Partials are traditionally made of acrylic on a metallic base, but we also provide the flexible, acrylic-only partials as well. If the entire arch is missing, then we will use a full denture to replace the arch. These are also made of acrylic on a metal base, and traditionally stay in place through the use of dental adhesives or natural suction.

Regardless of the material used for partials or the support method for full dentures, all dentures are designed to mimic the natural, beautiful appearance of a healthy smile.

Cosmetic Restorations

Full and partial dentures are only one of several options at our practice. If you are looking to restore both the beauty and the health of a smile, consider the other options Clark Family Dental offers:

  • Porcelain Crowns – Dr. Clark provides crowns made entirely of dental porcelain to patients in need of single-tooth restorations. These crowns are strong enough to survive normal daily usage, while their ceramic composition mimics the appearance and texture of natural white teeth.

  • Porcelain Bridges – Bridges are a traditional way to replace one or more missing teeth without needing partial dentures. One or more porcelain crowns rest in the missing space between two crowns that anchor onto healthy teeth and secure the bridge.

  • Dental Implants – Dental implants are made of three parts: the titanium post that serves as an artificial tooth root, the porcelain restoration that serves as the visible chewing surface of the tooth, and the abutment that connects the other two parts. As one of the most effective and versatile restorations available, implants can replace one missing tooth with a porcelain crown, multiple teeth with a porcelain bridge, and a full arch with dentures.

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Clark Family Dental provides dentures and cosmetic restorations to patients in Laramie and the surrounding communities. To learn more about restoring your smile and to schedule an appointment, please contact Clark Family Dental at our Laramie, WY dental practice today!