Our Laramie dentist Dr. Ilene Choal has a deeply held sense of responsibility to her patients and to dentistry as a profession. In order to ensure that our office operates at maximum efficiency and provides the utmost in quality care, Dr. Choal and her team have adopted the following guiding principles.

A Tradition of Excellence

Dr. Choal was raised to value conservative procedures aimed at protecting a patient’s natural dentition. You can rest assured that we use only the highest quality materials and that we take our time to so that procedures are done just right.

Commitment to Prevention

Laramie River Dental is committed to about helping people become healthier, and feel better about their smiles. By focusing on preventive measures that preserve and promote oral health we are able to ensure that our patients enjoy optimal oral health and functionality.

Part and parcel of prevention is arming patients with the means to take an active role in protecting their own oral health. We are here to educate patients on effective means of oral hygiene to help them make the most of their smiles.

Ongoing Education & Professional Improvement

Dr. Choal and her team commonly exceed our continuing education requirements in order to keep abreast of the newest equipment available to dentistry, as well as the latest procedural techniques to increase the effectiveness of our procedures.

We employ only the best materials and tools so that patients can be confident that any treatment (regardless of if its dentures or dental implants) they receive in our Laramie dental office is as effective and minimally invasive as possible.

Providing a Positive Experience for Laramie

Dr. Choal and the team at Laramie River Dental are here to serve our Laramie neighbors by making first-rate oral health care affordable to all. We have partnered with payment solution providers that offer credit cards with payment plans (some of them beginning at 0% interest) specifically to help patients pay for medical expenses.  So if the cost of going to the dentist is preventing you from being treated don’t let that stop you! Good oral health is within your means!

Give us a call to schedule an appointment with the Laramie River Dental team and see the difference a tradition of excellence  can do for your smile!

We see patients as young as two years old and look forward to serving you and your family.