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Crowns (Caps)

Laramie Crowns 

For patients whose teeth have undergone significant change in size or shape, Clark Family Dental offers crowns. Also known as caps, dental crowns are custom-fit to cover the entire biting surface of the tooth. Made from a number of durable materials, crowns protect and lend renewed strength to your smile

The Porcelain Advantage

Among the more common materials Dr. Clark recommends for crowns is porcelain. Tooth-colored and able to be shaped with an artisan’s touch, porcelain crowns are effective in matching a genuine smile. These sturdy restoration options are capable of providing years of service. As with most dental restorations, regular follow-up visits and occasional replacement are essential in maintaining attractive, long-lasting results.

Why Would You Need a Crown?

There are many situations where a patient can benefit from the placement of a dental crown. To achieve optimal results, underlying oral health concerns should be treated first. Once these are managed, Dr. Clark may recommend crown placement for the following issues:

·         Broken or fractured teeth

·         Teeth treated for dental decay

·         Teeth that have received root canal treatment

·         Replacement of large or damaged fillings

·         Enhancement of cosmetic dental aesthetics

What is the Process for Getting a Crown?

At Clark Family Dental, we accommodate the distinctive oral environments of our patients by taking impressions of the targeted dentition in order to design a custom crown. As it may take up to two weeks before this crown is fabricated and placed, impressions may also be used for a temporary crown. This provides a seamless transition for patients, ensuring they are not without the service of their full smile for any lengthy amount of time.

Before placing a crown, Dr. Clark will prepare the tooth by removing any existing decay and shaping the surface so the restoration fits properly. This is done while the tooth is numb, after which the crown will be placed and secured with dental cement. Prior to placing the fully custom crown, the temporary restoration will be removed and the area will receive thorough cleaning. Dr. Clark will also assess whether your bite is properly balanced after placement.

We will provide you with care instructions as well as encourage you to follow up at our Laramie office regularly.

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